Understanding Georgia’s Economy

Have you ever driven through a state and wondered where they make their money? This is true with any state, and as you know some states do better than others. There are those that have gorgeous roads and landscaping, while others are just scraping by.

One such state I recently wondered about was the gorgeous state of Georgia. While I knew they more likely made quite a bit of money from agriculture, I wondered what the rest of their economy was built upon. I knew they did not have great beaches nor the tourist attractions that dominate Florida.

I spoke to a car accident attorney Marietta (long story) and I learned that Georgia is one of the leading producers of livestock in the country. In fact, they are the leader when it comes to egg and chicken production. However, they also produce a good portion of the beef cattle, hogs, and milk that helps to keep this country feed and going.

Of course, as you drive through Georgia, you are going to notice the huge amount of farms spread out around the area. While many people know that Georgia supplies the nation with an abundance of peaches, they produce so much more. In fact, some of their leading crops include cotton, peanuts, pecans, tobacco, and corn. You will also find some of the absolute best sweet potatoes in Georgia. Try to find a road side stand and grab some fresh or even a sweet potato pie, and you will make the trip back!

Finally, you will find a good portion of the rest of Georgia’s economy to be dominated by manufacturing. Much of the cotton that is produced in the state is sent directly to many of the local plants helping to keep jobs and money directly in the state. In addition, there are multiple food plants food in the state that package up chicken, corn, and peanut butter.