Top Performing Stocks of Q1

After each quarter, companies that are publicly traded are required to release information regarding their performance. At the end of quarter one of 2018, there were standout performers in each sector of the market. Some of these stocks you will be familiar with (Netflix), others, not so much (Bolf Holding). Take a look at the list of the top performing stocks, you might want to jump on some while you still can.

Top Performers of Q1

Healthcare: TG Therapeutics (TGTX)

TG Therapeutics had an impressive start to 2018. The company’s stock price rose 76%. What do they do? TGTX is responsible for developing treatments for blood cancer and autoimmune diseases. Investors think that there is still room to grow with this stock despite an explosive quarter.

Tech: Twilio (TWLO)

Tilio Inc. is a communications platform based out of California. Toward the midway point of last year, they saw an explosion in stock price as it rose from $15 to $71. The company then offered 7 million additional shares, regulating the price at $23. Experts believe that even after an impressive quarter, Twilio is still labeled as a “strong buy.”

Financials: Bolf Holding (BOFI)

The last five years have been quite the journey for the founders of Bolf Holdings. the company has seen returns of 344% since going public. Even with those returns, Bolf was a leader through quarter one as shares climbed 35%. According to the experts, there is still time to buy on this stocks as they predict potential earnings of just under 10%.

Consumer: Fossil Group Inc. (FOSL)

Consumer brand Fossil performed well in the first quarter of this year increasing almost 67%. The experts do not think that this is sustainable making it a bad investment. Instead, they suggest Lam Research (LRCX). The memory chip company is exploding right now and has a 32% upside.

Service: Netflix Inc. (NFLX)

Netflix had an excellent start to 2018. Investors have seen a 56% increase in the stock’s value. The company’s worth is reaching new heights as they have been valued at $130 billion, just under Disney’s $150 million. Netflix is predicted to continue growing. That being said, you can expect the same for the stock.