Tips On How To Make A Living After A Severe Injury

If you’re injured severely, it may seem like you’ll never be able to work again, at least not at the same job that you had in the past. Hopefully, you were able to sue the responsible party with the help of a Houston personal injury lawyer and get some kind of compensation to help pay your medical bills and get you retrained for some other type of work. Depending on the type of injury you have, you may have to look long and hard to find a job that you can do, here are some ways to earn a living after a severe injury.

Start By Making An Assessment Of What You Can Do

In many cases, the injuries that people suffer from are back related since that is a particularly vulnerable spot for humans. Once a person has a back injury, they may no longer be able to bend over, lift objects, or stand on their feet for extended amounts of time. Additionally, many people can’t sit at a desk either, which can be a huge obstacle to getting any kind of work.

Find some way that you can either sit, stand, or prop yourself up and not be in pain and then the whole world of work at home jobs will open up for you. You can start by getting a good desktop computer and a quality dictation software plus the needed hardware to make it work. That would include a good Bluetooth headset and large high definition screen. With this software and equipment, you can then completely control your computer by voice command in nearly all functions.

This will enable you to do online surveys, write articles, make phone calls to friends, do transcriptions, do online marketing, become a virtual assistant, or make outgoing telemarketing calls. There are thousands of companies looking for work at home people that can answer phones and do customer service work over the phone. You can find them online with a quick search.