How Much Does Each Prisoner Cost Taxpayers Every Year

There have been many studies which have shown that prisoners cost taxpayers a substantial amount of money. Every prison that goes up, and with each prisoner that is added to those cells, it is costing taxpayers thousands of dollars. The amount that each prisoner will cost will depend upon the type of sentencing that they have been given. Obviously, people that are thrown into a county jail for a few days due to drunk or disorderly conduct are going to cost far less than those that are given a life sentence for murder. And who’s to say that a criminal defense lawyer West Palm Beach doesn’t benefit everyone! Here is a quick overview of how much a prisoner will cost taxpayers on average every year that they are in prison.

What Does The Vera Institute Of Justice See?

This Institute released a recent study that showed that, out of the 40 states that participated, that approximately $39 billion is spent in aggregate costs for maintaining prisons. This study was done back in 2010, and taking inflation into account, and the addition of thousands of additional prisoners in all 50 states, this is likely to exceed $50 billion annually. If you break that down to an individual figure, the average taxpayer is paying well over $30,000 for every inmate with New York leading the way at over $60,000 per prisoner.

What About Rehabilitation Costs?

This is an alternative that many people have been looking at because of the lower cost involved. There are certain people in prison that are there because of multiple misdemeanors and felonies that have built up over time. They may not be violent criminals or sex offenders, and it is possible that they may be rehabilitated into society. That cost is roughly $2000 per person, a one time fee opposed to decades of payments for keeping prisoners behind bars that may not need to be there. These are things that need to be looked at in more depth, but until that occurs, the skyrocketing cost of paying for prisoners using taxpayer dollars will continue to rise.

Should Your Business Hire Immigrants For A Tax Break?

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of money that your business spends on taxes, you may want to consider hiring immigrants. In some cases, employing immigrant workers may provide you with a tax break. With that said, you shouldn’t just hire a wave of immigrants and hope for the best. Instead, you should follow these guidelines.

Talk To Your Accountant And Immigration Lawyer New Jersey

If you’re hoping to get a nice tax break, you’re going to want to sit down with your accountant. They’ll be able to talk things over with you. They’ll let you know whether or not your hiring plans will pay off for you.

If you’re doing something because you want a tax break, you’re going to want to make sure you will be happy with the results. That’s why you should talk to your accountant before you make a move.

Also, talk to an immigration lawyer to make sure you are filing all the necessary paperwork to allow immigrations to work in your business. There are many different types of visas and the process can be overwhelming.

Hire Skilled Immigrants

If you’re hiring someone to work for you, you want to make sure they bring something of value to your business. Don’t hire unskilled immigrants. You should absolutely try to get a tax break, but you should also hire people that will push your business forward.

Don’t Pass On Great Hires

While hiring immigrants can benefit your business, you aren’t going to want to hire immigrants exclusively. Instead, you are going to want to hire a wide range of people. Don’t pass up on hiring someone because they’re not an immigrant. Make sure you’re hiring the kinds of employees that your business needs. Whether they’re natural-born citizens or immigrants, you want to make sure they do great work for you.

If you’re searching for tax breaks, hiring immigrants might be a smart idea. With that said, you shouldn’t look at immigrant employees as a solution to a problem. If you’re going to be hiring an immigrant, you’ll want to make sure they are a great fit for your company.

Can You Sue The Government If You Are Injured On Public Property?

If you are at any government owned public property, and you fall and are injured, is it possible to actually sue the government? Some people are injured to the degree where they need to be hospitalized, and they will want to recover not only the cost of being in the hospital, but receive some type of settlement for their pain-and-suffering, not to mention lost time at work. According to a personal injury attorney Austin, it is possible for the average person to go after the federal government in order to recover money lost as a result of an injury they sustained on public property.

Can You Actually Sue The Government For Personal Injuries?

Unfortunately, local, state and federal government entities cannot be sued by the general population. They are protected under what is called sovereign immunity. Even if you are injured by one of their employees, or if it is gross negligence on their part for the injury that occurred, there is no way to receive any type of compensation. Simply stated, the government prohibits citizens from recovering any type of money for injuries that are sustained in public places. However, there is a way around this which began in 1948 when Congress passed something called the Federal Tort Claims Act.

What Is The Federal Tort Claims Act?

This was passed by Congress, easing the restrictions on the government having sovereignty, allowing people to file personal injury claims. This allows them to actually file lawsuits against the government if they have been injured. In fact, people injured on city or state property, or anyone that is injured by a government employee, can file these claims. Therefore, the state and local governments have made it possible to bypass sovereign immunity and receive some type of compensation.

Tips On How To Make A Living After A Severe Injury

If you’re injured severely, it may seem like you’ll never be able to work again, at least not at the same job that you had in the past. Hopefully, you were able to sue the responsible party with the help of a Houston personal injury lawyer and get some kind of compensation to help pay your medical bills and get you retrained for some other type of work. Depending on the type of injury you have, you may have to look long and hard to find a job that you can do, here are some ways to earn a living after a severe injury.

Start By Making An Assessment Of What You Can Do

In many cases, the injuries that people suffer from are back related since that is a particularly vulnerable spot for humans. Once a person has a back injury, they may no longer be able to bend over, lift objects, or stand on their feet for extended amounts of time. Additionally, many people can’t sit at a desk either, which can be a huge obstacle to getting any kind of work.

Find some way that you can either sit, stand, or prop yourself up and not be in pain and then the whole world of work at home jobs will open up for you. You can start by getting a good desktop computer and a quality dictation software plus the needed hardware to make it work. That would include a good Bluetooth headset and large high definition screen. With this software and equipment, you can then completely control your computer by voice command in nearly all functions.

This will enable you to do online surveys, write articles, make phone calls to friends, do transcriptions, do online marketing, become a virtual assistant, or make outgoing telemarketing calls. There are thousands of companies looking for work at home people that can answer phones and do customer service work over the phone. You can find them online with a quick search.

The Most Lucrative Personal Injury Lawsuits In History

Personal injury lawsuits often lead to some of the largest settlements in the legal industry. Lawyers are always looking for a person that they can represent where a substantial settlement can be obtained. Although they are looking out for the best interest of the clients that they work with, they are also very excited when they can find one that will produce a substantial return. Here are a few of the top personal injury lawsuit in history, and how much was actually generated once the lawsuit was completed, according to a personal injury lawyer Albany.

The Top Three Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements

The first one involved attorney Paul E Godlewski and a 19-year-old who ended up with brain injuries in Minnesota. It was a major product liability case, one that went to the Supreme Court. Although the original settlement was over $15 million, it was reduced to just over $8 million.

The second involved attorney Peter W Riley and was about an automobile accident which left a 16-year-old with a severe spinal cord injury. This was actually a settlement, not a jury verdict, and led to a $12 million settlement.

Finally, attorney James S Ballantine represented another 16-year-old that suffered from a traumatic brain injury, one that was caused by a golf ball. This incident happened at the school where the teenage girl was attending, and it was determined that the school was liable because they did not provide a safe class environment. This settlement was for $10 million.

Other Notable Cases

There are several settlements that were extremely high, two of which were actually handled by the same lawyer. An attorney by the name of John C. Goetz took on two different cases involving a car accident and a grain elevator explosion. Both of these cases generated settlements of $9 million, each involving young men that suffered greatly.

In every personal injury lawsuit, there is always a victim that suffers, and it is good to know that their families, or even the victims, can receive some type of compensation for what has happened.

How To Protect Your Business From Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you have a business where people are coming into your establishment on a regular basis, there is always the possibility that one of them may try to sue you. The reason for suing can be wide ranging from slip and fall accidents to being injured by products that you sell. There are ways to protect your company, and yourself, from personal injury lawsuits that can occur at any time. Here are the tips that you need to use in order to protect your business from a personal injury lawsuit that could devastate your business, according to a personal injury lawyer Los Angeles.

Form An LLC

A person suing your company in a tort lawsuit will not be able to touch any of your assets if they are not capable of suing you. If your business has formed an LLC, this means that you will not be responsible for any settlements that will come out of your personal assets. This way of incorporating can be done in all states, though it may differ from location to location. You need to work with a lawyer that specializes in forming LLCs and do this as soon as possible.

Safety First

One of the most common reasons that people are sued by a patron of their business is because of a slip and fall accident. Although you can be sued because of products that you sell which they deemed to be dangerous, it is much more common for people to claim that they were injured at your place of business. You need to have ways of showing that you are maintaining safety levels at your facility. This could be logs of people doing sweeps, mopping, and other forms of documenting the fact that you are keeping everything as safe as possible. It’s also a good idea to have cameras at your place of business so as to film people that might lie about what has happened to them. By installing cameras, maintaining sweep logs, and also forming an LLC, you should have a much easier time defending against those that would try to take your personal assets or compromise your business through unwanted litigation.

Cost Benefit Analysis And The Law

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) is the way an economist approaches a situation by determining the strength and weaknesses of alternatives with the ultimate goal of determining the option that provides the best way to get benefits while also persevering savings. This theory has evolved to help form US Policy and judicial decisions. There have been several public policies that have used CBA to help create policies regarding mental illness, college education, and chemical waste policies.

However, CBA does come with a few criticisms:
1) CBA could be used for political goals rather than the good of the people
2) It’s inherently anti-regulatory – the monetization of policy is inappropriate
3) The longer it takes to complete CBA impeded policy regulations

Judge Posner talks about how Cost Benefit Analysis is used in helping interpret the law when it comes to making decisions on cases. But his opinion is that most decisions cannot be made by simply applying a formula but come from a place of your own experience and temperament.

How Do You Choose An Executor Of Your Estate?

Have you ever thought about helping your future with an estate plan? Choosing an executor of your estate doesn’t have to be stressful and overwhelming after all. In fact, an executor is an individual named in your will or appointed by the court. He or she is given legal responsibilities to take care of the remaining financial obligations such as:

. Maintaining the property until the estate is settled.
. Paying relevant taxes on the estate
. Distributing the assets according to the will
. Appearing in court on behalf of the estate
. Paying any bills for the estate.

The finances to handle these duties come from the estate itself. On the other hand, if the will is complex and requires significant court time, the executor can hire a qualified attorney to handle the tasks. That is also at the expense of the estate. Although anyone can act as an executor of an estate, there are some restrictions to this clause at times. Most of the time, spouses, children, and siblings can act as executors of an estate. An executor should be honest, organized and an effective communicator. In fact, distribution of the will can become a mess if the executor lacks any of these qualities.

You should carefully consider the impacts of your decision when choosing an executor of your estate. In fact, family dynamics can play an important part when choosing the executor. The location of the executor is also important when naming the executor of your estate. He or she may have to appear before the court on a regular basis, maintain the property, check email, and perform many other tasks relating to the estate. Hence, he or she should live closer to your estate. In fact, it is helpful to select a person who stands to inherit a significant amount of the property under your estate plan. Self-interest will ensure that the individual take care of the property and maintain it properly. It is important that the person consents to act as an executor of your will and know where the documents are kept.

It is helpful to name alternative executors if the named executor declines the responsibility later on. If you don’t name an alternative executor and the named individual declines the responsibility, the court will name an alternative executor later on. The executor should be more than 18 years of age and not be a felon. Some states restrict the executor from being an out-of-state executor. Hence, you need to check the law in your particular state when naming an executor of your estate.