The Most Lucrative Personal Injury Lawsuits In History

Personal injury lawsuits often lead to some of the largest settlements in the legal industry. Lawyers are always looking for a person that they can represent where a substantial settlement can be obtained. Although they are looking out for the best interest of the clients that they work with, they are also very excited when they can find one that will produce a substantial return. Here are a few of the top personal injury lawsuit in history, and how much was actually generated once the lawsuit was completed, according to a personal injury lawyer Albany.

The Top Three Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlements

The first one involved attorney Paul E Godlewski and a 19-year-old who ended up with brain injuries in Minnesota. It was a major product liability case, one that went to the Supreme Court. Although the original settlement was over $15 million, it was reduced to just over $8 million.

The second involved attorney Peter W Riley and was about an automobile accident which left a 16-year-old with a severe spinal cord injury. This was actually a settlement, not a jury verdict, and led to a $12 million settlement.

Finally, attorney James S Ballantine represented another 16-year-old that suffered from a traumatic brain injury, one that was caused by a golf ball. This incident happened at the school where the teenage girl was attending, and it was determined that the school was liable because they did not provide a safe class environment. This settlement was for $10 million.

Other Notable Cases

There are several settlements that were extremely high, two of which were actually handled by the same lawyer. An attorney by the name of John C. Goetz took on two different cases involving a car accident and a grain elevator explosion. Both of these cases generated settlements of $9 million, each involving young men that suffered greatly.

In every personal injury lawsuit, there is always a victim that suffers, and it is good to know that their families, or even the victims, can receive some type of compensation for what has happened.