How To Get A Patent Or Trademark: A Simple Guide

Have you created something that you think others would appreciate having? Do you want to patent or trademark something that you have made? By doing so, you are ensuring that you receive the credit and possibly royalties concerning your ideas. Here’s a simple guide put together by a trademark licensing attorney.

First of all, carefully record all the steps you have taken in creating your invention or coming up with your idea. The more detailed this recording, the better.

Then, you have to prove that your invention is worthy of a patent. Does it work? Is it different than other items currently on the market?

After that, you should decide if your invention or idea is worth getting a patent or trademark. If you want to sell what you created and make a profit, it may be worth paying the fees to get your patent.

Once you have decided to seek a patent, you should do a thorough patent search. Search your country and others. And you may find products that are similar to yours, but yours will need to an improvement upon other creations.

Finally, you should apply for your patent or trademark through the USPTO. It is important that your application is honest and thorough. During the application process, you may decide that hiring a lawyer is a good idea to help you accurately complete the proper paperwork.

Should you decide that using a lawyer is the route you want to take, you will want to find legal representation that is able to properly assist you with your needs. Ensure that you find a reputable law office that is properly able to represent you. This means they should know about patent and trademark law and be willing to do what it takes.