Can You Sue The Government If You Are Injured On Public Property?

If you are at any government owned public property, and you fall and are injured, is it possible to actually sue the government? Some people are injured to the degree where they need to be hospitalized, and they will want to recover not only the cost of being in the hospital, but receive some type of settlement for their pain-and-suffering, not to mention lost time at work. According to a personal injury attorney Austin, it is possible for the average person to go after the federal government in order to recover money lost as a result of an injury they sustained on public property.

Can You Actually Sue The Government For Personal Injuries?

Unfortunately, local, state and federal government entities cannot be sued by the general population. They are protected under what is called sovereign immunity. Even if you are injured by one of their employees, or if it is gross negligence on their part for the injury that occurred, there is no way to receive any type of compensation. Simply stated, the government prohibits citizens from recovering any type of money for injuries that are sustained in public places. However, there is a way around this which began in 1948 when Congress passed something called the Federal Tort Claims Act.

What Is The Federal Tort Claims Act?

This was passed by Congress, easing the restrictions on the government having sovereignty, allowing people to file personal injury claims. This allows them to actually file lawsuits against the government if they have been injured. In fact, people injured on city or state property, or anyone that is injured by a government employee, can file these claims. Therefore, the state and local governments have made it possible to bypass sovereign immunity and receive some type of compensation.