Automakers With The Lowest Recall Rates

Recalls usually happen early after a vehicle has been released into the consumer population. They occur when a manufacturer defect could cause injury or death, and there are a growing number of recalls each year–even as the laws become more and more strict. If you’re considering a new vehicle, then you’re probably curious as to which automakers have the lowest recall rates, and maybe what the average rate looks like at a glance.

The industry average for recalls falls at 1,115 for every 1,000 vehicles. In other words, if you purchase a vehicle, that vehicle is likely to be recalled at least once. Some vehicles have recall rates high enough that your vehicle could be recalled twice!

A recent study of eighteen different automakers indicates that vehicles manufactured by Porsche have the lowest recall rates. If you own one, then there’s about a fifty-fifty shot your vehicle will be recalled. Mercedes-Benz ranks number two, with a recall rate of about 624 for every 1,000 vehicles. Kia is number three with 788 recalls for every 1,000 vehicles.

The next entries on the list all get closer to the industry average. Tesla has a rate of 936, Mazda has a rate of 955, and General Motors has a rate of 958.

Vehicles manufactured by Nissan experience a moderate number of recalls. 1,038 of 1,000 vehicles will result in a recall. Automakers with the highest number of recalls include Honda with 1,307, Chrysler with 1,422, and Volkswagen with a whopping 1,805.

This list proves that the more expensive vehicles are also less prone to defect, and therefore have the lowest recall rates. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford them! Don’t let that dissuade you from purchasing a new vehicle, though. Most vehicles are recalled because of relatively minor defects that won’t affect your ability to drive. Even so, be on the lookout for recalls that may affect you.