About EcoLaw

Our network includes Attorney Sheehan and Dr. Sammons who assist in directing the ad hoc coalition's strategies and outreach. We aim to engage individuals, communities and professionals in strategic efforts to ensure enforcement of environmental laws on the state and national levels by acting as advocates for natural resources and the human communities that depend on clean water, clean air and forest ecosystems.

Margaret Sheehan
Attorney at Law
Ms. Sheehan is an attorney representing citizens groups who want wise renewable energy choices. She has been practicing public interest environmental law for 26 years and currently lives and works in the Northern Berkshires of Massachusetts. Contact Margaret Sheehan
Dr. William Sammons
Bill Sammons is a physician who has long supported environmental organizations and for the last two years has been part of an effort to make sure that biomass power plants are appropriately permitted and operated in an environmentally responsible way. Contact Bill Sammons.